2018 represented a shift in focus for our team’s capabilities, away from sharing our prototypes at events, and towards focusing our efforts on develop Microdose VR into a platform that players can download and enjoy at home. In the future we plan to expand our Events presence significantly, though even while focused on production we managed to bring our latest prototypes out to several events and installations.


(January) In partnership with HTC Vive and Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband, we brought Microdose VR to show off our custom Mixed Reality engine built with Biofeedback support.


(February) Android Jones brought Microdose VR Interactive Fulldome Mode to the Samskara exhibit in Moscow in partnership with Fulldome Pro.


We held a private rooftop event in collaboration with Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment for E3 2018.

Boom Festival

We brought our latest prototype out to BOOM Festival in Portugal, bringing a chill space for festival goers to relax in, and play Microdose VR.


We had the honor of having (2) Microdose VR Dodecahedrons featured in the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery as part of the No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibition. For 6 months, from March-September, we introduced tens of thousand of players to Microdose VR for the first time.

Burning Man

(August) Android Jones brought the latest version of Microdose VR out to the playa.

PAX West

(August) In collaboration with Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment, we represented Microdose VR at PAX West in Seattle with our first publicly playable Mixed Reality experience.

Wisdome LA

Wisdome Immersive Art Park is a new type of venue for live concert performances within a 360 fulldome environment. Microdose VR is currently representing with multiple Dodecahedron pods at Wisdome, and is used for doing live VJ performances in the Fulldome format. If you’re in town, go ahead and check it out.


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