2017 represented a year of bringing Microdose VR out into the world. We tested our concepts and prototypes in the wild, and set the foundation of what was possible and effective, within the scope of the Microdose VR platform.


(January) We represented Microdose VR in partnership with Syber Gaming Systems and HTC Vive, at a private venue at CES 2017.

Bassnectar NYE

This was our first time using our updated VJ Mode prototype to perform during a sold-out stadium show. Android Jones performed the visuals with MDVR while Bassnectar was playing music.


(March) We visited Florida to demo our first prototype of a wooden 3 Dodecahedron Array at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.


(April) We used Microdose VR + Unreal Engine to render a 90 second 5K Fulldome animated short, in collaboration with our sponsors HP and Intel, which was featured as the opening content in the Antartic Fulldome Installation by Obscura.

We also brought the Microdose VR interactive experience to the HP Dome at Coachella 2017.

Augmented World Expo

(May) We unveiled our first R&D prototype in partnership with Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband at AWE, which was a version of Microdose VR powered by biofeedback, primarily the player’s heartbeat and brainwaves. This was also the first appearance of our new Dodecahedron prototype with metallic links.

Lightning in a Bottle

(May) We brought Microdose VR out to LIB in partnership with Fulldome Pro. This was the first time we featured the latest wood and metal Dodecahedron prototype inside a projection fulldome.


(June) Was the first time we displayed Microdose VR with our V1 Fulldome Mode reprojection system developed together with Fulldome Pro.


(July) In collaboration with HP, we brought the Microdose VR experience to concert goers at Panorama, New York City, and demonstrated the multiplayer experience for the first time, with up to 5 players rocking out in the same VR world simultaneously.

Also at Panorama 2017 we collaborated with Fulldome Pro to bring the Microdose VR Fulldome Experience as premiered at Coachella.

Oregon Eclipse

(August) Together in partnership with Fulldomes Pro and Symbiosis Events, we brought Interactive Fulldome Mode deep into the wild nature, to create a chill zone for attendees.

Burning Man

(September) Like clockwork, Microdose VR appeared at Burning Man 2018 thanks to HTC Vive, who was generous to lend their fantastic VR hardware to the clutches of playa.

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