2016 was the year Vision Agency was founded, and the Microdose VR platform was born. Here’s a quick overview of our activities during our first 6 months in action.


We unveiled Microdose VR for the first time at VRLA 2016, thanks to everybody who got to try the first public dose!

Special thanks to Samskara and Fulldome Pro for providing the space and domes, and to our sponsors HP and Radeon (AMD) for helping to make it happen.

Burning Man

We were supported by HTC Vive and Syber Gaming Systems to bring Microdose VR to Burning Man, which was a great opportunity to share and get feedback from the amazingly creative Burning Man community.


We brought Microdose VR to Symbiosis Gathering in collaboration with HTC Vive, in the original model 45″ link Dodecahedron. This was the first time we unveiled the Dodecahedron pod design.

Shpongle @ The Fillmore

This was the first time testing Microdose VR as a tool for VJing during a live concert. We brought the Dodecahedron right on the dance floor, so that people could show off dance moves while playing Microdose VR during the concert. This resulted with a 90+ minute line of dancers ready to show off their moves. It got so hot that the line had to be dispersed by the Denver Fire Marshall. Thanks to all who showed up to burn this one down! 🔥

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