Who we are

👁️ Vision Agency, Inc.


Our Team

Creative director

Android Jones

A global independent art sensation, with over 18 years experience in the video game industry, Andrew has entertained millions of party-goers with live digital art performances at some of the world’s largest Rock & EDM festivals.

Lead Engineer

Anson Phong

Graphic designer and software architect, Phong brings over 18 years of programming and design experience in 3D rendering, web applications, music video animation and proceedural motion graphics.

Technical Director

Scott Hedstrom

For more than 15 years, Scott has been working in technical engineering positions for a large range of companies, bringing a mixture of technical understanding & creativity that has helped countless projects succeed.

our vision

The advent of a new technology as profound as Virtual Reality demands entirely new ways of creating art. We see VR has the power to merge visual art, music and dance into a new creative medium.


OUR Mission

Lower the bar to achieve a creative flow state.


by 👁️Vision Agency