Our Vision

The advent of a new technology as profound as Virtual Reality demands entirely new ways of creating art. We see VR has the power to merge visual art, music and dance into a visceral experience, never before possible, and in the process engage the minds of players into a more creative future.


Our Mission

  • Our mission with VR is not to attempt to replicate the real world, but to build a human experience which would be absolutely impossible in the physical world.
  • To explore the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality, while creating a real time multiplayer gameplay platform which simultaneously unleashes an artistic movement and allows for unique expression, competition and collaboration.
  • To enable participants to alter their own minds co-creatively and intuitively, while expanding the limits of human cognition, audio and visual perception.
  • To use VR technology as a transformative tool where participants can break through personal creative limitations, using physical movement, art and music to create a unique, interactive and cutting edge VR experience.