Buying Microdose Today

We’ve built in support for some of the most popular currencies available.

You will need one of the following coins:

Once logged in, there are only a few steps:


Add Microdose VR to your cart

Click the big BUY NOW button on our main website, add the Beta to your cart, then click the checkout/cart icon on the main nav

Obtain a supported crypto

Use crypto you already own, or follow one of the guides below to purchase your coin of choice.


Select the matching coin on our checkout process, then send the crypto to the provided wallet address.

A few guides to get you started

These guides are by no means the only way to obtain crypto. If you already have a wallet with a supported currency, you can easily use that to buy Microdose.

Using CashAppUsing BinanceUsing Coinbase

Join our Discord channel for #support.

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Scott Hedstrom

Scott Hedstrom

⚗️Technical Director at Microdose VR & 👁️ co-founder of Vision Agency

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