Using Coinbase

This guide explains using Coinbase to purchase & transfer.

A note on transaction speeds

After you send the required currency, it will take a variable amount of time for the network to broadcast the event to our servers. Please keep an eye on your checkout page to follow its progress.

How to use Coinbase to purchase Microdose VR:


Get a Coinbase account

Join and login to Coinbase.

Go to the Buy and Sell tab

On mobile, select the two-way arrow icon on the bottom nav.

Select how much Bitcoin to purchase

Select the “buy” tab. then select BTC as your currency, and enter the amount of BTC you need (make sure to buy enough to cover the network fees).

Click the Buy Bitcoin button

On mobile, select "preview buy" and then "buy now". You can also purchase our other supported currencies
Instead of BTC.

Generate address on the Microdose website

Go to Microdose and click BUY NOW. Add Microdose Beta to your cart, then select the Checkout/Cart icon in the main nav. Select Bitcoin (or whichever coin you purchased) as your currency, and wait for the wallet address to generate.

Transfer funds to Microdose address

Return to Coinbase, and click the “Send/Receive” tab from main navigation. From there, click “Send” and enter the address provided by Microdose website. Enter the amount of BTC needed and click continue. Check info, then click “send now” to complete the transaction.

On mobile, return to Coinbase, click the two way arrow icon. From there select the send tab. Enter the amount of BTC needed and click continue. Next, scan the QR code provided on the Microdose checkout and click “preview now”. From here click “send now” to complete the transaction.

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