Virtual Event Space 🥽

As part of our full moon series, we have been hosting a Virtual Event Space during streams. Join others in VR (or on a desktop computer) to experience our live events in a whole new dimension.
How to join

Follow these instructions to join the space during live events. If you have any trouble, try joining our discord community.

Step 1

Download & sign up for VR Chat

Step 2

Once you are in VR Chat, click 'SOCIAL' on the user menu.

Step 3

Add one of these users as friends: "MICRODOSEVR", "PENDING...", or "THEDEEVIL" and wait for the request to complete (links to these users can be found at the end of this page)

Step 4

Under the Comfort And Safety settings, enabled "Allow untrusted URLs"

Step 5

Find the user you added above in your friends list, then click JOIN or REQUEST INVITE to our world called "Half Moon Bay"
VR Chat Accounts to friend
About the space

Using the VR Chat platform, we are able to host large groups of people in a virtual space to experience our streams. Currently, the space has a giant screen and a mountainside viewing area to catch our events under the stars.

360 Microdose VR output coming soon*

Upcoming Events
Peak inside