Alpha 1.2 Update rolling out

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Microdose VR is an interactive art creation platform that combines artist, musician and dancer.

Created by Vision Agency in Colorado.


Creative Sandbox

Release Date

Limited Rollout Now


Vision Agency


Vive – Rift – Quest – WindowsMR

Watch Microdose VR Live with our weekly micronaut streamers.

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OSC is here!
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A new type of tool

Tap into your creative flow state using 6 degrees of freedom on the Oculus Rift & Quest, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality with Microdose VR.

Microdose comes packed with hundreds of pattern brushes available to kick off your creative process and generate interactive visuals for VJing, graphic design, art creation and live dance performances.

Discord community

During this limited alpha release, you can report bugs, feature requests & general issues you have on our Discord server.