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Microdose is software that combines art, music and dance into a real-time virtual experience, defining a new medium of artistic expression never before possible

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🎮 Gamepad Mode

Microdose VR is now available to play using a wireless gamepad controller on your gaming PC, without the need for VR goggles.

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🎬 For Livestreams

Whether you're streaming on Twitch or your Zoom calls, ask your doctor to see if Microdose VR is the right fit for you.

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🖥️ For VJs

Mix up your set by adding Microdose VR to your pipeline.

Dance with the party as you make visuals, play Microdose right on the dancefloor or connect TouchOSC to command the light.

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🔊 At Your Party

Bring an immersive and exciting experience to your next event.

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🌊 Flowstates

Rhythmic flow states, or moments of intense focus and creativity, can be induced by stimulating the visual cortex with specific patterns of light and color in biofeedback with the movements of your body.

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⚕️ Wellness

Tired of destroying monsters and blowing things up? It's all fun and games until the stress hormones kick in.

Break your default network without the need for pesky zombies.

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