Microdose for VJs

Microdose is an app that allows users to create & manipulate 3d visuals in real-time using VR or a gamepad controller.

Get Started

Preparing for VJ sets is a grind. Do it live with Microdose VR.

Microdose is designed specifically for VJs, or visual performance artists, to generate live experiences using real-time body movements.

Sync with the music

Tap directly from the gamepad controller, keyboard, Touch OSC or inside VR to match the visuals with the tempo.

Switch into Cinematic Mode during VR performances to smooth camera output.


Try Our OSC Layout

Use the Microdose OSC interface to interact directly with the program and augment your performance.

Learn About Touch OSC Layout

Use Microdose inside a planetarium or dome using our real-time Fulldome Mode

Expand your toolkit