Gamepad Mode now available

With Gamepad Mode, Microdose VR is much easier to play.

Take off the VR goggles, pickup a gamepad and get lit. 🔥🎮

Using Microdose VR together with your Wireless Gamepad, you can make visuals right on your TV or at a party on the dancefloor.

VR goggles no longer required.

“In Microdose VR, the systems are designed around taking subjective data from user input and making it meaningful, objective, beautiful and sexy.”

Android Jones
Microdose VR Founder

The Microdose VR experience is great for getting into a creative flow, at parties, or any time you want to create an incredible visual atmosphere.

Get Lit with Microdose VR

YouTube Streams 🎬

For years the Micronauts have been performing monthly full moon streams with Microdose VR.

Checkout our playlists on YouTube for hours of audio visual mixes, and discover new independent artists!


Try Gamepad Mode Today

Microdose VR is easy to play and hard to master.

Use the powers of your wands to play a visual beat to the music.

🎮 Control Guide

“I was VJing at the concert using Microdose VR with a wireless Gamepad, and I went down into the crowd and started doing the visuals while dancing to the music with my friends right on the dancefloor.”

Scott Hedstrom / Sporeganic
Microdose VR Founder

“Microdose VR is one of the best experiences we’ve seen. A mind blowing trip! Look forward to it…”

“[Microdose VR] wants to help evolve a new type of VR artist, and to create tools for the next generation of creatives and democratize the creative experience.”

Get Lit with Microdose VR

“Now with Gamepad Mode, it’s easy to play Microdose VR without destroying your hair or smudging your makeup.”

Anson Phong
Microdose VR Founder

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Thank you for playing Microdose VR!

Made with love in Lyons, Colorado & BC, Canada


Do you have ideas for how to better configure the Gamepad Mode, or new button combos you want to see?