Play in the cloud

Now you can play Microdose VR in the cloud with ☁️

Playing in the cloud saves you from needing to buy the GPU and computer hardware required to run Microdose VR.
It also lets you play on your regular laptop or tablet. Anywhere you have a good internet connection.
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Pros & Cons

Play In The Cloud


  • Doesn’t require a gaming PC
  • Can be played on a thin client in Gamepad Mode
  • Can be played on an iPad/tablet in Gamepad Mode


  • Requires fast internet connection
  • Monthly fee to cloud service
  • Some latency

Play On Your PC


  • Can play offline
  • No latency
  • Works with Steam VR devices
  • No monthly fee


  • Requires a gaming PC/Laptop

How to setup Microdose on Shadow Tech


Sign Up

Sign up for Shadow and get the basic package.

We are unaffiliated with Shadow Tech and can not offer support to their service, although we provide an affiliate link.


Install Shadow on your device

Shadow supports laptops, tablets and desktop computers on Windows, Android, OSX, iOS and Linux.

Download here.


Obtain Microdose VR

Purchase a Microdose VR license.

Run Shadow on your device

Login & Setup your shadow instance.

Pair Controller

Pair your gamepad controller with your device, and shadow will automatically detect it in the cloud.

Download & Install CHROMA on Shadow

On your Shadow client, download our CHROMA Hub software, then install your Microdose Omega build.

Run Microdose

Enjoy Microdose in the cloud!

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