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If the nation of the Internet had a capital, it would be

Inhabited by a population the size of it’s network participants, built on substratum of data interfaces, blockchains and silicone circuits. A city in The Cloud☁️, the internet reflected into metafiction, an open ledger of mythologies, where the dreamlines between synapse and symbol are blurred within a fluid of object interpreters. Here all cultures of the earth collide in a perceptual implosion of computer interfaces, data models and digital art.

Cloud City rejects no creed, invites all languages, and welcomes any inhabitants who come in peace.

This is not your child safe metaverse, this is the burning jungle of human imagination, the frenetic pulse of the overheating GPUs, the rhythmic throbbing of a fresh bassline, an unfiltered interface to the substratum of network protocols.

Cloud City is a concept of the grown digital citizen who rejects the petty authoritarianism of walled gardens and is capable of representing themselves as a sovereign member of the internet.

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