Software Development Platform

Building software that connects people across the globe requires a wide range of tools

While there are a few pre-packaged solutions that get close, they also come along with a hefty price tag, and rigid structures.

Microdose VR is a whole new type of software, and as such, requires a whole new way of thinking about data, users & tools.


Using our desktop app, CHROMA Hub, users are able to stay in sync with the software as our dev team quickly iterates.

Products & Transactions 

CHROMA’s transaction layer is built on top of powerful tools, enabling us to support a wide variety of payment methods and ensure a secure process

Data Driven Visuals

Instant communication between users, our servers and apps, is a crucial part of building engaging software.

Biofeedback Toolset

Using our mobile app, users are able to pair popular biofeedback devices with CHROMA apps, opening up a new level of user interaction

Unreal Engine SDK

Built to integrate closely with the real-time Unreal Engine pipeline

User Profiles

Users can login using popular oAuth connections, and each have data powered profiles for sharing their activities on the platform

Mycelial network effects


Platform API

Frontend Framework


Supply System

Security & Roles

At this time, CHROMA is only available for use in-house